Billboard Campaign

February 23, 2017

Once Again, St. Louis Catholic Sisters Reach out to St. Louisans; This Year, Billboards, Metro Bus Ads, and Parish Bulletins all Part of their Campaign

They are back!  If you haven’t seen one yet, you will soon. They are the large display ads the St. Louis Catholic sisters are sharing.  This is the second annual media campaign for the Catholic sisters.  Once again, the ads feature the message:

“We Have Faith in You, St. Louis”

This simple message was featured on billboards in March 2016 as part of a campaign that coincided with National Catholic Sisters Week, held March 8-14 every year. These sisters, whose congregations have been a part of St. Louis for generations, are convinced that area residents are up to the task of being more loving, less violent and better neighbors.

Fast forward to 2017, the message hasn’t changed, the sisters say, because it rings just as true as it did 365 days ago. In a world that’s always changing, the sisters offer a consistent message: that they love all of God’s children, and pray for them every day.

They pray for violence and hunger to be eliminated for those in the St. Louis region and beyond. They pray for the poor to be lifted out of poverty, for those afflicted with disease to be healed and for the stranger to be welcomed among us. No matter who holds local, state or federal offices, the sisters pray for their wise leadership and that the leaders will advocate for social and environmental causes.

St. Louis continues to make headlines with high rates of crime against persons. Racial issues here still garner national attention. Despite all of this, the sisters have faith that St. Louisans will continue to see the good in one another and work for a bright future in a city that has been so abundantly blessed.