#StandwithSisters against Racism: Sister Pauline Lorch

Sister Pauline Lorch, OSU webAfter Michael Brown’s death, with all the consequent pain and rage that followed, two of us Ursulines joined with interested lay persons to study and discuss racism, both systemic and within ourselves. Over time we have discussed a number of books, films and articles enabling us to know what it is like for people of color to live in the United States today.

Our next emphasis on white fragility will enable us to get to the core of our own racism and truly understand what white privilege is and how it shapes our thoughts and actions. This is helping me understand my assumptions and reactions, especially in racially charged situations.

Although I can’t be as active as I would like, I can keep up with those who are. I stand against racism in all its forms whenever and wherever I can.

Written by Sister Pauline Lorch, Ursulines of the Central Province.