#StandwithSisters for Domestic Human Needs: Sister Marge Clark

BVM Sister Marge“All things come to good for those who love God.”

Social justice is the work of setting right relationships individually, in communities, and in the structures of our society. Pushing lawmakers to establish, change, or rescind laws to set right relationships between persons and between persons and institutions is critical.

I’ve spent joyous years working with the Domestic Human Needs (DHN) group of Washington Interfaith Staff Community (WISC). My interfaith community brings greater justice and support to those in challenged situations, needing help with basics such as nutrition, housing and healthcare. DHN meets regularly, praying and planning and acting. We lobby together, formulate letters to legislators and administrative offices (getting hundreds of organizational signatures), set call-in days and engage in public witness to educate the public and bring light to what our elected leaders were doing.

Slowly, these actions bring changes of heart and of mind among leaders – and some piece of “coming to good” becomes real.

Written by Sister Marge Clark, Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary