#StandwithSisters with Immigrants: Ani

Ani, Stand with Sisters web.jpgIn 2013, I left my native country (the United States) for the first time. I had a strong desire to learn about a language and culture other than my own. During my experience, I was overwhelmed by the hospitality consistently and abundantly shown to me. Ever since that summer, I’ve left the country every year in an effort to be a student of humanity.

I’ve had the opportunity to work and be a part of school communities in Uganda and Peru. There, I felt and encountered God through each person I met. I stand with sisters and with Sister Joan Gannon because the priceless gifts of empathy and acceptance given to me abroad sparked a mission within me to treat all people with the same dignity and respect that I received. No restriction. And this mission has helped shape the person and educator I am today.

Written by Ani.