#StandwithSisters with the Incarcerated: Sister Carol Schumer

LISA JOHNSTON | lisajohnston@archstl.org Sister Carol Schumer, DC teaches skills to fathers who have had damaged relationships with their children at the Fathers Support Center.Helping men learn how to be daddies is what I do. As a longtime staff member of Fathers’ Support Center, St. Louis, I implore fathers – some who have been incarcerated, many who have criminal mindsets, all who love their children – to get their acts together and reconnect with their daughters and sons. Most of our clients have had challenging childhoods, with no positive male role models. Thus, they need and are urged to participate fully – some mandated by the courts – in our “boot camp” known as the Family Formation Program. During these intense six weeks, the men have a chance to develop their personal and parenting skills and to grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I insist that no dad should let anyone tell him he isn’t important in the lives of his child!

Written by Sister Carol Schumer, Daughters of Charity.