#StandwithSisters against Racism: Barbara Richters

Barbara Richters, StandWithSisters webRacism became an important issue for me in the early ‘70s when my husband and I adopted two African-American children. It was unusual at the time. We read a lot about racism and joined several groups. We knew we needed to prepare our children for what they may face.

When our black children began driving, they were stopped and questioned frequently; our three white children never were. Same car, same neighborhood. Things have changed since then but not enough.

Today, I belong to several groups that are examining racism and how it has affected us both personally and collectively, including one with Sister Pauline Lorch. I am also doing what I can to challenge racism both personally and as part of advocating for systemic change. I stand with Sister Pauline against racism because there is still a long way to go.

Written by Barbara Richters.